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Bonjour, my name is Shona and welcome to my blog. I make really shitty Youtube videos and people in my school laugh at me, It's great! I get easily attached to celebrities and fictional characters. I'm very insecure so please don't be mean to me bc theres a 100% chance I will cry.
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meanwhile, during the PLL hiatus


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science side of tumblr please explain why ice water tastes better than regular water

Because ice is water, and water is water. So if you put ice in water, it’s like… double water.

god damn it science side of tumblr

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Never fuck with someone who cries when they’re mad. They’ll stab you 48 times and cry in your stab wounds.

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if u are scared or worried or stressed please just remember that even if you mess up super badly, doggies on the street will still tug on their owners when u walk by because they wanna say hello to u so badly

This is legitimately comforting.

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